About Us

In Which a Journey Begins

Or, what even is this site? 

This is a site that’s named after a company – a vacation rental company run by both me and my best friend, Jessica – which was launched in May of 2020 essentially on a whim that was fueled by frustration with the state of our lives, internal restlessness from COVID-19 quarantining, and a desire to build something better for ourselves and our families. 

For those of you who are super curious, that company was named after Ani DiFranco’s “Swan Dive,” which continues to feel like a theme song, becoming more relevant with each passing year of my life. Plus, I mean, Ani. Hello. 

When we started the company, I decided to pursue my real estate license for the second time, and while waiting for my licensing classes to start, in between researching the different brokerages I could choose to hang my shingle with, I chose to start this blog to document the process, assuming my life would become infinitely more noteworthy. 

And um… maybe it did. 



Michael Noker, a profile

Who am I? 

A brief intro to Michael Noker 

I am more than the sum of what I do and what I have achieved, but I feel like those are good places to start. 

I am a blogger, an agent, a manager, a homeowner, an investor, a flipper, an MBA, an accountant, a business owner, a coach, a consultant, a son, a brother, a boyfriend, and a dog dad (and maybe, someday, I’ll even be a dad). I am a loud and proud gay man, a huge fan of authenticity and living in your truth, a recovering hotel worker, an advocate for the oppressed and marginalized, a feminist, an activist, a dancer, an acrobat, and the world’s worst pianist. 

Why should I keep reading? 

The “what’s in it for me?” section

To be honest, I can serve two purposes for you. 

I am a firm believer in failing forward, trying new things, facing rejection, picking myself back up and trying again and again (even when it’s scary) (because my mom would be so incredibly judgey if she found out I gave up on something just because it was hard and she didn’t raise me to be anything other than a hard-working, proper southern woman). 

So sometimes, I’ll succeed, and that can be inspirational. And even helpful, because if something works for me and has created value for me and helps me live a more fulfilling life, I want to share it with you. Because I think it will make you like me and I constantly crave validation I’m altruistic like that. 

And sometimes, I’ll fail, and I’ll then spend the next several weeks tearing myself down and overanalyzing everything that happened, and I will definitely share those post-mortems because I’m an extrovert and talking about things is how I get over them. 

So you can learn from my successes and you can learn from my mistakes and together, we can get you to where you want to be. 

And that’s pretty cool, yeah?